Balance Game Little Goose®
Balance Game Little Goose®

Balance Game Little Goose®

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Do you want to give a special gift?

Let's play Little Goose!

How many chicks and eggs can you balance on Little Goose? Roll the dice and stack an egg, chick or gosling on the back of the large wiggling and moving goose.

Be careful not to let Little Goose wiggle too much or the chicks will fall off! This balance game is fun to play with childeren. Balancing improves your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Best gift for toddlers!

The game contains 1 dice, 1 Little Goose, 2 broken eggs, 4 young goslings, 2 chicks and 4 hatching chicks.

Made from FSC® certified wood.

Age: from 3 years